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CaTTIS I Thermal Zero TargetZoom

CaTTIS I Thermal Zero Target

Item# CaTTIS-l
CaTTIS I Thermal Zero Target
Cattis l Targets are an easy, accurate and consistent method of zeroing a thermal weapon sight. No longer do you have to find your own field expedient methods to zero your weapon. CaTTIS I are the perfect No Power, Passive, Thermal zeroing solution.

Each Target Includes 1 adhesive heat pack. Apply the heat pack to the back of the target to make the aiming square bright with sharp edges when viewing through your thermal device.

  • Sight your weapon Fast and Easy
  • Quick Installation
  • Precision Aiming
  • Effective inside, outside, sunny or cloudy

  • Available with:
    IR Hunter Mark ll 2.5-20x35
    IR Hunter Mark lll 4.5-35-60
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