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IR Hunter MARK II <BR> 1.5-12x19Zoom


Item# IRHM2-640-20
IR HUNTER MARK II - 1.5-12x19

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The IR Hunter Mark II has a zoom of 1.5x and 2.5x base magnification, and 12x and 20x digital magnification with a resolution of 640x480. This unit also has 60 Hz refresh rate. What also adds to the often repeated word of "WOW" when people look thru this device is the 12 micron sensitivity - the image is simply GREAT.

Like other Hunter units you can use this as a stand alone weapon sight with multiple reticles to choose from, as well as a "clip-on" device to use with your favorite day scope. To preform at its best level, the IR Hunter Mark II has some preferences as to day scope configurations desired - If you want to use your thermal in this way, please contact us to insure you get the BEST match.

The IR Hunter Thermal Weapon Sight combines the performance of a military thermal sight with the precision of a high end rifle scope

The IR Hunter Thermal Weapon Sight is a High Precision, All Terrain Weapon, the Advanced Thermal Circuitry has a fully digital architecture that incorporates the highest quality processors and electronic components.

  • 19mm Lens
  • Ergonomics
  • 12um Micron Technology
  • Digital OLED Display - 640x480 Emagin OLED
  • Imagery - Detailed Reticles
  • MOA Accuracy - Turret Knobs
  • Intelligent - Digital Processing
  • Mounting - Larue Tactical
  • USA Made - Honesty, Integrity
  • ETR - Enhanced Target Recognition
  • DFC - Digital Focus Control
  • Protection - IR Window
  • Edge Detect - Tactical Mode
  • 8 x E-Zoom - Digital Zoom
  • Connector - Video/Download
  • Maxpol Polarity - White Hot/Black Hot

  • Sight
  • LaRue Tactical Weapon Mount
  • Eye guard
  • Tactical Soft Case
  • Operatorís Manual
  • QRG Guide
  • Batteries

  • See the difference between the 2 IR Hunter Mark II Models, Choose which is best for you

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